Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur


This was a guest post I wrote for Classy Career Girl. I figure it fits here as well.

Starting a business is an incredibly heavy undertaking and sometimes I believe you have to be a little nuts to want to run your own business. But, you’ve been thinking of starting your business for awhile now and are ready to just do that dag gone thing. Being your own boss is where your destiny lies. Stellar for you!

Luckily for you, unlike other budding entrepreneurs, you have a job to support you, so you don’t have the pressure of making this business pay off from day one. You’re such a genius! Because if you were to start your business without your job, and your business was the only thing paying your bills, you would be stressed out and would soon quit and run back to corporate.

Let me be completely upfront with you. Running a business and holding down a full time job is not going to be an easy task but it is achievable. (I have a full time job and run two businesses on the side.)  Here are the five things I believe you need to keep in mind while you are juggling your job and your dream:

1.) Know what needs to be done. Make a list of all the tasks you need to do in order to get this business started and to maintain it. Write down everything, even the little things.

2.) Manage your time spectacularly. Start with this month. Use a planner, your email provider’s calendar or something like Todoist, NirvanaHQ, or RemembertheMilk to keep you on task. Decide what are the important tasks that need to be completed this month. Then break down your task by week and decide what parts of the overall goal should be a priority of each week.

3.) Take this a step farther and really look at how much time you can dedicate to your business each day. What hours are you going to block off to get stuff done? Some experts suggest putting a time limit on your tasks. This could be helpful but if you are trying to work in between jobs, feeding and taking care of kids, growing a budding relationship, participating in your favorite hobbies, etc. that may not work for you. Choose whatever does works for you. The important thing is that you block out time every day to work on your business. Even if it’s fifteen minutes a day, whatever it takes. You may have to give up some sleep, lunch breaks, time with friends, etc. in order to get this business on the road to success but in the end it will be all worth it.

3a.) Also, consider if there is anything you can automate. If you are writing blog posts, write them ahead and schedule them to go out on certain days. What can you schedule or stack up ahead of time so you can free up time?

4.) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Who supports what you are doing? How can they help you? Use the people and resources around you.

5.) Take time off and have fun. It can be very easy to get caught up in both your job and your business but take some time off every now and then and relax. Recharge your batteries, spend time with family and friends, or not.

Speaking of friends and family, there is a chance they may not support your dream because they are concerned about you not having a steady paycheck. To them that is such a terrifying thought, especially in “this economy.” Believe it or not, they are crushing your dream because they believe they are helping you and saving you from the possibility of failure. It’s really out of love. So when they come to you with their doubts, don’t you dare get swept up in their insecurities. Sit, listen patiently, thank them for their concern and forgive them for their ignorance. They just don’t know what we know. Poor things!

You can definitely start up a successful business while at a full time job. All it takes is knowing what needs to be done, scheduling, finding support, patience, and most importantly, confidence and determination.

You are more than capable of doing this, Star!

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