Brilliant. Brazen. Broads. Welcomes Jenny Israel

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi

In October of 2009, I unexpected lost my job. I had been completely committed to this career for 10 years and had been gainfully employed since graduating from college. My husband and I had adjusted to a life with two significant salaries, and the security and quality of life they brought. Then, in a moment, it was all gone. I had never been so scared in my life.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a planner. Knowing what was coming next was how I maintained control of my life. Now, the unknown consumed me. What was I going to do? Where would I go in this economy? How would I be able to find a salary comparable to what I was making outside of my industry? With the stress mounting, I decided that I would take two weeks to regroup and then start looking for a job. It was during those two weeks that my entire life shifted in a way that would change the landscape of my life forever.

As each day passed, I found myself developing a feeling that had become quite alien to me: Happiness! It was like the clouds had parted and I was feeling the sun on my face for the first time in years. How could this be? Had I really spent the last several years of my life in the dark and practically asleep? The answer was Yes. My soul was waking up and seeing the hope around the second chance that had been given to me. I started to realize I had exchanged my soul’s connection with life for a steady job and a healthy paycheck. But, what did all this mean?

With no visibility into what life had in store for me, no money coming in other than unemployment and a husband who was questioning my sanity, things got more complicated before they got easier. Again, I felt Fear creeping up on me. Some days it seemed to loom over me so dramatically I felt I would disappear at any moment. Thoughts of giving up and going back to a desk job started to seem like the “right” thing to do, except every time I would sit down in front of the computer to do the “right” thing and look for a job, I would begin to panic! For the first time in my life, I had reached a point where the only thing I could do was to Let Go. There had to be another way, a way to live in happiness and have prosperity, without having to sacrifice my soul. I decided to surround myself with things I was passionate about and let the Universe do the rest.

I dove into my passions of jewelry making, reading, and writing. I found myself drawn to the world of metaphysics and the energy science behind crystals and gemstones. Spiritual people and resources starting popping into my life everywhere I looked. As I expanded my mind, my heart began to open…..and so did my eyes! Life was so beautiful, how had I never noticed before? I knew then that I would never go back to the “corporate” world. I would take the leap, redefine success and make my own way.

And I have…..almost two years later I have dedicated my life to helping others live with their eyes open, too. As I look back now on the journey I have traversed so far, I can remember the times when I would wonder how it would all come together. The path of self-discovery isn’t always easy, but I guess that is why they call them “growing pains.” However, for every moment of doubt and angst I had to work through, I received ten times the amount of Joy. I am still amazed at the signs and synchronicities I was given along the way, and now I’m filled with gratitude for the fact that I was open to receive them. As I pursued happiness, doors opened for me on cue, leading me to where I am today.

As a Body/Mind Coach (a combination of coaching and Reiki energy work), specializing in Spiritual Expansion and Women’s Empowerment, I give others the opportunity to see their gifts and claim the happy life they deserve. Being Happy is our birth rite, and having Choice is a gift. Both of these things often go unclaimed even though they are always within reach.

The Universe is waiting to give you what you want, all you have to do is look Fear in the face and tell it, “I am ready to be happy, so I’ll take it from here.”

Jenny Israel, CPC and Reiki Practitioner
Founder of Ambrosia Empowerment and Co-Founder of Make it Happen, Girl!


Song that inspired me Instead by Madeleine Peyroux

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