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“What you resist, persists”

My biggest fear is the fear of change. I don’t like the unknown that accompanies change. The cost has been tolerating situations in my life long after their expiration date. This fear has caused me to hang on, when letting go was the better choice. This fear has caused me to stare at the closed door, rather than walking boldly through the door that is wide open. This fear has resulted in paralysis that has been remedied by what I now call “Divine Intervention.”

The first in the series of Divine Interventions gave me the strength to end a marriage that hadn’t been working for years. I often feel that the decision was made for me and I was just shown the path to take. I had to step into the unknown. I moved from fear into faith. So with an infant and a toddler, and the support of my family I filed for divorce, sold my home and stepped into the unknown.

As the fear of change loomed overhead, I clung to the familiar. I moved back home, threw myself into my work and my children. A hectic work schedule was my excuse to disengage from living. I neglected friendships. It was very easy to remain in this state because I was busy.  But I wasn’t really living.

Years passed. Divine Intervention reared its head in the form of an opportunity to take a position at the hospital where I had trained. It was a natural fit, the familiar combined with a flexible schedule. I never imagined that this was the beginning of one of the biggest changes in my life. I had time on my hands and I stopped sleeping my days away. I began to examine my life. I always felt that God wouldn’t have put me through such an ordeal without something amazing showing up in my life. But what was it?

I explored hiring a life coach for guidance. I attended a workshop given by a life coach and was transformed. By July I was enrolled in iPEC for coach training, with the intention of gaining the skills to live my best life. I guess I was ready to receive because I was open to all the possibilities. By October, I was on a plane to California for an Inner Peace Retreat at Joshua Tree. In 10 years this was the second time I had been away from my children for a long period of time. I must have been moving too fast because fear appeared. Once I realized I was in the dessert, with little technology, and not a person I knew, I desperately tried to get the next flight home. Talk about being in the unknown. The path to retreat was not found, so I slowly relaxed into the experience which changed my life. I emerged from the retreat feeling lighter than I had in years. My path was clear to me now. I acknowledged what I needed to let go, and did just that. I had a focus and purpose to my life.

I have completed the coach training and launched my business called All’s Well Life Coaching and I thought I was on my way. Divine Intervention stepped in again. I received solid advice to rename my business to be more in alignment with my clients and services.  Fear showed up. I procrastinated. Then I got coached around it. I acknowledged the fear. I embraced the fear and saw it for what it was and let it go. So now I have a new website, a division of All’s Well Life Coaching. It feels good.  Fear of change has been transformed into Divine Intervention. When Divine Intervention shows up, I thank it and ask myself, “What am I being asked to learn? How am I being asked to grow?”

Stephanie Wellington, MD
Postpartum Neonatal Coach



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