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I’m embarrassed by the amount of blog posts waiting for me to read them in my Google reader and I keep stumbling on more interesting blogs every day. I’m a busy chica so I get to it when I get to it. Some of these posts just came out today and others may have just come out 5 years ago. No matter, the information is still worth sharing so I place it here for your perusal. Gleam from it what you may.

You’re welcome!
Sarah Kathleen Peck asks a simple question, “What holds you back?” What is really holding you back from getting what you want?

We are all trying to lower costs and get the best deal. Well, posted this snazzy little article on the 9 pricey software products and their free (and legal) alternatives. Oh, heck yeah, there are some things you need to check out here.

Charlie Gilkey tells you why you should watch your (own) lane and stop watching what every else is doing around you. Basically, mind your own beeswax!

Fabienne says it best: Abandon The Sinking Ship Client: Work With ALREADY Successful Clients (They Need You Too). You want to help everyone. You know what? So do I but if your clients are in desperation mode, they are probably not going to be able to afford you, are they? Umm, no! So work with those who can. There is nothing wrong with that.

I was SO excited to see this video on Josh Allan Dykstra’s blog, The Work Revolution. I don’t remember seeing this old Apple commercial but I know at one time I did because the last line, “The people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, are the ones who do” I actually have written down in my quote book. But I couldn’t remember where I heard it from. Yay! Check out this video for A Bit of Inspiration.


If you are considering doing webinars, you might want to check out American Express’s post on the 5 Webinar Tools For Marketing Your Expertise.

If you are writing a blog, you want people to actually visit your site, read your words and soak in your genius. Well, I know I do. So, take a visit over to Problogger’s site and read How to Select Good SEO Keywords.

Are you wasting time by not taking time to focus on you instead of them (whoever “them” means to you). Lolly Daskal reminds us that we can get so caught up in what everyone else is doing that we stop paying attention to what is actually going to work for us.


Okay, that’s a wrap for this week. I’ll keep reading and share the best post next week.

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