Hey there! Welcome! I’m Empress ChaChanna and I am on a mission to teach you how to stop letting the weight get in the way of you living your life!

But just to be clear, in our time together, you won’t hear me talking about diets, nutrition plans or how to work out. There are plenty of amazing women I know who cover that space. I might share eating habits or exercises I am testing but in no way do I ever demand you do it as well. 

The community I’m growing here is all about loving your body in whatever shape or weight it happens to be right now, and not waiting until you get to an ideal shape or number to be happy. You deserve better than to wait for your happiness. 

If you want to get a toned shaped (I do!) or lose weight, go for it. But don’t think for a moment that when you obtain that toned shape or special number on the scale it’ll make you happy or change your life.

It won’t. You will still be you. The change has to come from inside. So, not only will I share with you on how to love yourself as you are, I will also give you tips on how to increase your confidence in every area of your life: spirit, career, relationships, money & health, so when you walk into a room, you no longer fear if they will like you, you’re wondering if you will like them. 

I know it’s hard to believe that can happen with the media reminding you every moment that you don’t look like models in the magazines, or the celebrities on TV that display having a certain look is the only way to have a happy life and get what you want. This is false.

And if you are sick and tired of comparing yourself to others, want to just want to eat the damn cake without stressing about your weight and still love your body and yourself, flaws and all…you are in the right place.

Welcome home!


Take your shoes off and get comfy, there is no dress code here. Just relax by checking out the latest musings on A Stellar Day with ChaChanna YouTube Channel. If you’re interested in learning about me, your stellar host, click here. And if you like what ya see, sign up to the Love Yourself Lessons Newsletter for weekly updates and get 3 Simple Ways to Start Loving Your Body Now!

No matter what you decide, you’re always welcome here!