31 Days of Brilliant. Brazen. Broads. Call for Submissions!

I’m curating stories from 30 Brilliant Brazen Broads who are willing to share their stories of courage, confidence, creativity, compassion or composure. During the month of March, Women’s History Month, I will be featuring a different story by a stellar women every day. This is our month and I want to make sure we shine!

We all have shining moments, embarrassing moments, funny moments, sad moments, etc and from every experience there is a lesson. What story do you want to share with your fellow peers that could be on anything from love, money, health, career, or you, etc.? 

And I’m not looking for perfect stories where you have everything figured out, no one really does, you could still being going through your moment and want to share to get insight from your sisters.

Rules & Regulations (If submission does not meet guidelines it will be not be considered.)

Posts need to be personal stories between 600-800 words in length.
Make sure to read over your submission checking for grammar and spelling (It’s best to have someone else read it to point out things you may have missed.)
Please include a picture of yourself.
Also, please answer the question: What historical woman do you admire and why?
Include and 2-3 sentence author bio, you may include up to two links.

I will be selecting only 30 stories to showcase and will email you back when your submission has been received.

I will let you know the results by Feb. 15.

All submissions due by February 5, 2013 at 11:59 PM


Send all submissions to mystory@yourstellarstar.com